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Aleksey Efremov

Works in the field of developing visual tools for the interaction of mobile interfaces and information design.
Participates in net art projects and experimenting with a combination of modern media technologies, video art and installations.
Studies the principles of structuring and processing information, and is also interested in sociology and behavioral psychology.
The main purpose of artistic practice considers as the visualization of ideas and models related to the study of biological reactions in a virtualized environment.

Brand collaborations, facemasks, GIFs, procedural 3d modeling, art.

11/2018 "Mercedes art exhibition" exhibition
10/2018 "Linia" exhibition. Video about
09/2018 "First avantgarde factory" art festival
02/2018 "Product" industrial art project
11/2017 "Squat raid II" street art project
05/2017 "Projections" exhibition
04/2017 "NET" internet art project
11/2016 "Squat raid" street art project
02/2016 "Ethno Futurism" media art and street art expedition
11/2015 "Uvod ride" media art festival
09/2015 "Apple spice" media art festival
03/2015 "Retrofuturist" exhibition
02/2015 "Uvod squat" urban art project
11/2014 "Electro hleb" exhibition
09/2014 "NIM last days" media art festival
07/2014 "Digital squatting" exhibition
06/2014 "NIM" street art festival
12/2013 "Avrora" media art project